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1st Person Dark Fantasy F M Dialogue - Action, Magic, Betrayal
00:00 / 02:50
3rd Person Dark Fantasy F M Dialogue - Confrontation between a young Queen and her ally.
00:00 / 01:16
Nonfiction - History, Politics, Trauma
00:00 / 02:45
3rd Person YA Fantasy M F Dialogue British Accent
00:00 / 02:12
1st Person Literary Fiction F M
00:00 / 02:08
3rd Person Historical Romance M F Irish Accent
00:00 / 02:47
Nonfiction Comedic Memoir
00:00 / 02:04
Children's Book Animal Voices
00:00 / 01:20
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Accents: Midwestern, Southern, Western, Irish, Scottish, Cockney

Languages: Fluent in English, Conversational in Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese


Home Studio: AKG P220, AKG C1000s, AT2020, Triton Fethead phantom inline pre-amp, PreSonus TubePre V2, Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 3rd gen, Reaper, Producers Choice Sound Blanket Booth


Specialized Knowledge: BA Theatre Acting/Directing, MA Applied Theater Arts, BADA Midsummer in Oxford Classical Acting Program, 200 hr Certified Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher, Instrutora in Capoeira, Theater of the Oppressed Joker, Certified Music Together® Early Childhood Music Teacher, Linklater voice

Life Experience: Grew up on a goat farm in Wisconsin, Taught theatre and music to elementary, middle and high school students, Taught theatre in Juvenile Probation Camps, Non-profit org management, Developed and early childhood music program and recorded 7 cds of curriculum, Theatre Director, Veterinary technician, Indie Film Maker,

Hobbies: Hiking, playing capoeira, dancing, crocheting, reading, fostering cats, riding horses, playing in the ocean, traveling.

Get to know Sarah

Sarah Kay Peters is a storyteller with years of experience acting and puppeteering on stage and screen. She received her BA in Theatre Acting & Directing from Colorado Mesa University, trained as a classical actress with the British American Drama Academy and earned an MA in Applied Theatre Arts from University of Southern California.


Some of the stages Sarah has performed on include the Oregon Shakespeare Festival Green Show, The National Puppetry Festival, Pasadena Playhouse and the Gary Marshall Theatre as well as many unique spaces in immersive theatre with her home theatre company, Rogue Artists Ensemble. Between acting gigs, she has made a living teaching everything from parent and child music classes to elementary, middle and high school playwriting and theatre to yoga and capoeira classes. 


A natural leader, Sarah's strong voice shines through when narrating scifi and fantasy. With over a decade of social justice work and teaching theatre to marginalized youth, Sarah brings compassionate, clear and conversational connection to nonfiction. Her playful nature and years of puppeteering many characters (human, animal and alien) make Sarah’s playful character voices a natural fit for Children's books. When not on stage or narrating, Sarah can be found practicing yoga (she's a 200 hour certified teacher), playing capoeira and playing with her kitties, Luci Fur and Maze.

To work with Sarah, email her at

Audio Publishers Association: Active Member


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