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Gather Around the Virtual Campfire!

I brought back one of my favorite puppet characters, Oni from Rogue Artists Ensemble's Kaidan Project: Walls Grow Thin, for Camp Fire Stories, presented by Rogue Artists Ensemble and East West Players.

It was a very entertaining evening, with many people sharing their personal experiences with the other side and entities that cross through the barriers, and a couple very special puppet appearances.

It was my first time performing live "in front" of people since the shut down, and it felt so good! I miss that feeling of the nerves and the prep and the people coming together, and being so present in the moment. It was so fun to gather together in our virtual green room and catch up with friends who were also performing. I am grateful for the technology that allows us to come together for live communal experiences while we stay safe and take care of ourselves and our community.

You can find it on Rogue's and East West Players Facebook and YouTube accounts. (The Oni comes in at 22:55).

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